Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Santorc's nemesis

Orcmas just would not be orcmas without some uppity git trying to usurp the coveted title of "Santorc" (or whatever other clever name you can concoct.  The position has long been coveted by this sneaky gobbo.  Time and again he has been thwarted by bad luck, stupidity, or the business end of Santorc's bell.  Regardless, this rascal has managed (miraculously) to survive as a constant thorn in Santorc's side.

I present to you, Gobbo Clawz!

This cheeky fellow is the 2007 White Dwarf subscription model Night Goblin Boss.  I took the liberty of sculpting some more fur trim on his cloak, as well as adding pom poms to his hat.  I think they look swell.  Being smaller and simpler than the other figures, he painted up pretty quickly.  Now he just needs some minions, as he is somewhat outgunned at the moment, wouldn't you agree?

This seems to be the last figure I will get painted in 2014.  For my loyal readers, thanks for your readership!  I wish you all a very happy New Year full of miniature adventures!

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