Monday, December 22, 2014

Orcmas Part Too!

I hope you enjoyed Santorc as my first Orcmas entry.  If you didn't well, keep it quiet, as he does come visiting to uppity grots, and his big bell ain't made of pillows, hur! hur!

Moving right along, you might ask what good would Orcmas be without an Orcmas tree?  Well, Santorc would agree with you, so long as you don't ask too rudely :P

Of course, the Orcmas tree is the second piece I would like to share with you this season.  The Orcmas tree is a longstanding tradition - it is fought over year after year by ambitious greenskins looking to claim the title 'da Boss of Orcmas.  'Ol Santorc has defended his title for years uncounted (since orcs can't count!) and will be the Boss for who knows how long.  It is a massive, ancient growth.  Scarred from dozens of previous battles it always manages to sprout branches anew, even when it seems to be nothing more than a scorched ruin!  Santorc defends the tree proudly, ready to take on all comers as he rings his bell across their heads.

Behold, the Orcmas tree!

Initially, my plan was to shape it like a traditional Christmas tree.  That, however did not seem as interesting, and I am happy with the results.  Here it is with Santorc proudly defending it:

The more astute among you have noted that Santorc's base is snowy and the Orcmas tree has no snow.  I am still undecided on whether to make the tree snowy or not.  I have no other snow-covered terrain, so I think the tree might look out of place among the rest of my scenery and would not be suitable for multi-purpose use.  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I hope you like the Orcmas tree.  Perhaps you even want to claim it.  I am sure Santorc would welcome the challenge!  Perhaps next I will describe how I made it...

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