Sunday, April 13, 2014

Some civilians... with a bear!

Time for something a little different.  I decided to paint up some civilians.  In this case I made a begging troupe with a dancing bear.  The bear and the pipe player are from Pro Gloria Miniatures and the beggar and guitar player are from Lead Adventure Miniatures. I would like to think of them as a ragtag group of washed up entertainers.  Perhaps the poor legless chap used to be the pipe player for the bear, but one day the bear got hungry and/or tired of dancing.  They were quite fun to paint up, and I must say the Pro Gloria figures are a pleasure to paint up, along with the always-entertaining LAM stuff.

Here is the group, along with them performing in front of the Merchant's House:

Here are a few more closeups on the group as well:

I should add that Pro Gloria is planning on eventually running a kickstarter for hard plastic landsknecht soldiers.  Based on the quality of their metal figures, I think this is something that will be a very nice product for both historical gamers, and human fantasy gamers as well - they will likely be great alternate troops for warhammer empire players.

Hope you like the Bear Beggars.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tabletop World Merchant's House

Tabletop world recently ran a painting competition.  While I had visions of an elaborate diorama, real life with young children saw me complete but a single building.  It was nice to get the building painted though, and it will make a nice addition to my table, along with the windmill which I have also finished.

As I said before, these things practically paint themselves... very enjoyable.  I have not fully finished the interior yet, but the exterior is pretty much finished.

You can see my entry along with many more over at the Tabletop World facebook page.  Feel free to "Like" my photos in the contest.  Though truth be told, there are many entries more skilled than mine.  I am still happy with the results, however.