Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Orcmas!

Well, the day of Orcmas is finally upon us.  My most anticipated piece from this little project shall now be revealed to you.  You might have been thinking that my Orcmas tree looked a tad barren, but like a wise grot you did not mention this to Santorc.  Good job.

Well, Santorc does not plan to disappoint!  You see, a few years ago I ordered a few of the lovely Scibor Christmas bulbs and they were the real inspiration for this whole project.  I have the dwarf bulb unpainted still, but lets leave that for another year.

Here they are, I will start with some pics of them hanging on a WIP tree for the rest of my scenery.  From this you can get a nicer closeup:

These guys were a blast to paint, the detailed bits are very well defined so they respond well to washes.  I started these with my airbrush, more for fun, and was able to get some cool highlighting effects with my limited skills.

Now, where do these critters fit into Orcmas?  Well, even the lowliest grot knows that Santorc stuffs dwarfs inside of the bulbs, then the Orcmas squigs  arrive and try to crack them out.  There is supposed to be a feast afterwards, but the squigs usually eat it all first.

Time for a shot of the lovely tree with Santorc and the bulbs:

Finally, to show you that I have not finished, here is Santorc with his two most loyal bodyguards.  They are still a WIP, so no closeups yet.  They are almost finished, so hopefully I can share them with you in the next day or two.

Until then, Merry Orcmas, and Merry Christmas!

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