Sunday, January 26, 2014

Lead Adventure Halberds Finished

After a few hours in the painting room I have finally finished my unit of 20 Lead Adventure Halberdiers.  Wonderful models to paint, but I think I need a bit of time off from the intense puff and slash!  These will go along nicely with my other Oldhammer models, all they need now is a coat of varnish (which will probably wait until the warmer weather of Spring) and a banner.

The final colour scheme of green and yellow was quite nice to paint, as I find they work well together.  Its also much easier to clean up one or the other when you don't stay in the lines compared to the blue and yellow scheme.  Here is the whole group together:

Quite a colourful gathering!  I am quite fond of the colourful palettes of the landsknecht at this point.  I gathered my painted Oldhammer Empire and put it on my table for a group shot.  The force is starting to come together (just ignore the bedsheet in the background - I figure it looks better than the couch).

I have a few more units to complete before my 1000 point 3rd edition empire army is finished.  My armylist consists of:

- 1 Wizard on foot (Old GW)
- 20 Reiksguard inc hero (Old GW fighters)
- 20 Halberdiers inc hero (LAM halberdiers)
- 1 Cannon (LAM Death Bell Cannon)

- General on Warhorse (LAM Wilhelm von Shakespeare)
- 10 Handgunners (LAM handgunners)
- 10 Halfling archers (Old GW)
- 5 Knights (Old GW)

I will probably paint some goblins for a while, but my next project for this army will likely be the cavalry.  I got a bits lot a while back which had a bunch of torsos for some of the old GW high helm cavalry.  They are in pretty rough shape as you can see here:

My plan is to get some Perry plastic mounted men at arms and use the bits to fix them up and give them some horses.  Any other suggestions?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Clan War Samurai Goblin

I thought you might like something a bit different today.  This week I painted up some goblins.  These were originally made by AEG for their game Clan War, back in the 90s.  They were part of the Shadowland Horde faction.  The miniatures game is now defunct (but I think there's still some sort of RPG), but the range has been picked up by Valiant Enterprises.  Valiant is kinda pricey, and I was able to source some of the original AEG goblins through various second-hand means.  Regardless, I think the sculpts are stellar.  They were made by Bob Olley and really demonstrate the character of clumsy, clamoring goblins.  They were originally designed to be on 25mm bases, as this one is currently sitting, but I will be doing some group bases putting two double-based figures on a 40mm square base so that the goblins will effectively be 1 per 20mm square.

I hope you like it.  I need to paint another dozen or so to make a unit of 25-30ish goblins.  This is my first (of hopefully several) forays into samurai-themed painting.  I also experimented with the skin tones a bit as well.  The goblin on the bottom was given a yellow skin, which was washed heavily with some greens and browns.  The top goblin was given Foundry's Moss triad, number 29, washed with some greens and browns.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Lead Adventure Halberdiers

Finally, the long-promised halberdiers.  I have finished 13 out of a planned unit of 20. Six of them were painted back in July, and I just never posted pictures of them.  The rest were finished this week.

First, we will start out with a group shot so far:

I have opted for a more mercenary approach with this unit, combining several different colour schemes for a nice bit of variety in the unit.  It helps to keep the painting interesting, rather than using the same colours all the time, and it makes for a very characterful unit.  The main schemes for this unit are red and blue, yellow and blue, red and green, and green and yellow (still to come).  Now for the individual pictures:

These guys are a heck of a lot of fun to paint as are all the other LAM figures I have seen.  The casting quality is great, and the details are very crisp and easy to pick out.  They are quite detailed, which adds a bit to the painting time, but the end result is worth it.  Hope you enjoy them.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

A good start to 2014...

Happy New Year's, everyone!  It has been a little busy the past few months, and while I did get some painting done, very little was photographed.  I am in the process of remedying that, so in the meantime I will share a figure which I finished during December.  This miniature was painted for a miniature-exchange on the Warhammer Empire forum.  It is the Lead Adventure Miniatures 'Wilhelm von Shakespeare' figure from their Bruegelburg range.  A spectacular figure, there is really nothing to say other than that.  Brilliantly sculpted, a true joy to paint, and delightfully unique.  Luckily, I got two so I can paint one up for myself.  Mine will be painted in a very similar way, with a few colour switches here and there.  I gave him a nice little scenic base using a chunk of pine bark.

My recipient has safely received the miniature (unlike my recipient from last year), so I am pleased that he will have a nice home in the future.  One more parting shot from the pig!
Next up, a bunch of the long-anticipated and promised LAM halberdiers!