Thursday, June 27, 2013

Some WIP of the Reiksguard

A few people  had asked me a while back for a few WIP pictures of my miniatures to demonstrate the inking technique I have been using.  I got a couple pictures, but not completely step by step.  I would like to say I did not get enough pictures because the technique is just that fast, but in reality I am just more forgetful, and sometimes lazy.

First picture, I have painted on the metal areas, and have put the vallejo sepia onto the brown areas - wood and leather, mainly.

In the next WIP shot, you can see the colour has been added to most of the cloth.  I also put a wash of GW Ogryn flesh wash on the flesh areas.
From here, They are pretty much ready for a black wash on the armour, a few details, and picking out the highest highlights with some regular model paint.  Then they are finished!
This is the same pic as my previous post.  I probably spent about three hours to paint these five figures (though I did not time myself, so it may have been a bit more).

Try it out... its pretty easy to do!


  1. Ok..Great pictures...very helpful. But I have questions...
    1. For cloth areas is that a single color highlight with another color?
    2. How much do you thin out your paint....or all those all ink colors?
    3. If you thin them at all or are they neat from the bottle?
    4. GW inks?
    5. In your first picture the figure looks pretty much you use the white spray only from directly above the figure or do you get a fairly good coat everywhere but the deepest recess?

    Of course I shouold also say that they look fantastic particularly when you consider the amount of time ou put in.

    1. Hey Blue, I will try to answer as best I can!
      1. For the cloth, typically it is 1-2 coats of ink, then a thin layer of regular paint as a highlight, as sometimes the highlight looks too 'white' with just the ink.

      2. and 3. For thinning... I kinda do it by feel. Maybe 1:1 water:paint, though sometimes I just use a wet brush and use the paint straight. The ink is typically not diluted, but I often load my brush with water before putting in the ink. Black ink I usually dilute though, about 1:1

      4. I use some GW washes, but the inks are vallejo game colour inks. I use GW ogryn flesh wash, and sometimes use their other washes to add a bit more depth if the ink is not dark enough. I find the current GW yellow wash, Casandora Yellow, works really well to shade the Vallejo yellow ink.

      5. With grey and white, it can be hard to see the gradient. Typically, I spray from above and around the sides, still above though. I want to get a decent white layer on as much of the raised detail as possible, so the figure often looks more white than grey by the end of the priming. The colours could also be washed out by my pictures - my camera is about 6 years old now, just a point and shoot!

      Hope this helps!

  2. Very helpful indeed....thanks Tim. I must give this a try again!