Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Some OldHammer Reiksguard

In addition to my lonely wizard, I started painting a unit of Imperial 'Reiksguard'.  Well, mostly... they are a mix of foot knights and fighters from the marauder era, which will represent my Reiksguard.  Its a good excuse to paint them up, and I like the way the unit is coming together.  Oh yes, I also tossed in a WK dwarf for good measure.  Why not?

So far, I have painted up 15 of the guys, though the shields are not yet done for them all.  Here is the whole group:

For these figures, like the wizard, I am using a grey primer followed by a white zenith prime, and then using inks and diluted paint for most of the paintjob.  The inks are very fast, and give a nice result.  Though I have been going over the highest areas with some opaque paint for my final highlight, and I like how it turned out.  Here are a few closeups:

These were the first five painted.  Second group:

And finally, the third group:

It is turning out to be a wonderfully characterful unit, and the prolific armour makes these guys dead easy to paint up quickly.  Mostly basic block colours for these guys - less time, and it still looks good in a group.  Only five more to paint and my unit of twenty is finished.