Saturday, January 26, 2013

Clal-Chk Scientist

For the next figure in my Scaly Horde warband, I painted the bizarre and complex At-Atck, Clal-Chk Scientist.  This was a challenging figure to paint for a couple reasons.  First, this odd insectoid is unlike any other figure I have painted, so common anatomical landmarks become useless when trying to define where one appendage/colour ends, and another one begins.  Secondly, the intricate details on this model means for picking out lots of tiny colours with a small brush, combined with lots of inking and washing to preserve colour contrast.

Luckily, Eric at Antimatter Games was able to describe the anatomy in a bit better detail.

Being some sort of bizarre insectoid creature, the Clal-Chk is encased in a chitinous exoskeleton.  Therefore, the chitin protects him while underwater, and all he needs is a breathing apparatus.  This is the gold/brass plating that covers his head and torso, while the arms and legs are his regular appearance.    His breathing apparatus is a symbiotic bio-lung, depicted by this tentacled beasty on his back with the tubes coming out of it:

I am quite pleased with the result, although this round of photos did not turn out as nicely as I had liked.  Maybe one day I will get a better camera than a point-and-shoot!  Here are a couple side views to get a better idea of the model:

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