Friday, January 11, 2013

DeepWars Dagathonan Salvager

I finally got my first DeepWars miniature painted!  My first warband is the Scaly Horde, and as my first paintjob I chose the Dagathonan Salvager.  This fish-man was fun and challenging to paint - the small details really bring it to life, however.  I chose to paint a brown/orange pattern inspired by the fu-manchu lionfish, as seen in this internet photo:

I also assembled the model completely before beginning with the painting, which made things more difficult due to the pose of his arms and spear.  Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the result!  Unfortunately, the Dagathonan lacks the Fu Manch appendage, but it is still a lovely model!

The backpack was particularly tricky for me to get to a satisfactory colour.  After painting it brown initially, I changed it to more of a linen colour, using Foundry's Raw Linen palette.

Next up will be the Draconid Sea Shaman.  As always, comments are welcome!