Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Trees! More Trees!

One project which I have put off finishing for a while has been some forest scenery for my gaming table.  I used the 4ground forest bases link and some woodland scenic trees.  Basing was done with a variety of sand, flock, and grass tufts.

This is the large base, with a drunken 28mm Saxon warrior for scale.  He must have wandered in the wrong direction.  The nice thing about these tree bases is that the trees are on round 60mm bases that are removable:

Makes it easy for gameplay, and if you want to mix and match different trees, you can.  Speaking of different trees, I also finished two smaller stands of trees using the 4ground small tree bases.  Here is our hero in his continued wandering:

And with some of the bases removed...

The nice thing about the woodland scenic trees is that they have their own bases (which were glued to the MDF) from which the trees can be removed.  So, not only can I switch the tree stands around, I can remove trees from the bases and mix and match them if, for instance, I wanted to make a base with mixed deciduous and coniferous trees.  Unfortunately, our noble Saxon did not wander into such a mixed forest, and hence there are no pictures.  Hope you like them!

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