Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nipponese Junk update!

Got some more work done on the ship - most/all of the detailing is done now. I still have to refine some of the gap filling. I added some pieces to the gunwales and the stern, finished the railings on the main deck, and added a figurehead to the bow.

You cannot see it in the pictures, but I also cut out some plasticard to make a level deck inside the cabin. I have not done anything with the sails, as they are individual pieces of balsa and I will work with them once the main boat is ready to paint. I am considering trying a wood stain for the part I want to remain 'wood' but am unsure if it will work well since some of the dental stone pieces are supposed to be wood. They will not stain well, they will just soak it up and be a nice uniform brown. Perhaps I could seal the stone pieces with some diluted PVA glue.  Sounds like a good enough experiment to me.

Onto the pictures!

 Lastly, here is a picture with some of the crew, out for a pleasure cruise and some fireworks (yes, that is an old citadel Nippon Rocket Launcher!

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