Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Post!

After posting my efforts on several forums across the interwebs, I decided to bring most of my madness to one site.  So, hopefully I will have the time to keep things busy around here.  Feel free to comment on any of my work!

I will start things off with my current project: a Nipponese Junk for my current warhammer campaign.  Right now I am playing in an online WFB campaign set in the Karibbean: link

My character is a Nipponese samurai/ronin, and he needed a boat.  I found myself a nice little junk on ebay for pretty cheap:

I got it, and assembled it a couple weeks ago:

Width was somewhat disappointing, only about 55mm so I can only fit 2 20mm bases side by side, but for the price it works well.

Then, this past week I got back into casting my hirst arts molds (I now have a dedicated workshop!) and while casting the blocks for a castle/fort, I made use of some extra to cast some more details for the ship, in addition to modifying a few other parts:

Its not done yet, but so far I like the progression.  The clay tile roof is one of my favorite hirst arts molds.  That and the cavern accessory mold!  Pure awesomeness right there!  I will have to post more of my hirst arts adventures in the future.

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