Monday, February 17, 2014

Some old Mordheim paintjobs

So my local gaming club has decided to start a Mordheim campaign.  I have many fond memories of Mordheim, and it is a setting that I find very engaging.  I am busy with a few other projects at the moment, so I decided to save myself some painting time and use the skaven warband I painted a few years ago.  I returned to miniature painting in earnest about 6 years ago, and these were some of my first efforts from that renaissance.  The paintjobs are not up to my usual standard, so I might add a few highlights here and there.  They all need to be based though, which should not be too big of a job.

First up is the assasin adept, two black skaven, and my sorcerer:

Next we have the rest... I kitbashed these from the previous plastics - night runners, clanrats, and possibly a few other bits.  Two will be used as night runners, and then I will have a bunch of henchmen.

My first game is supposed to be today, here's hoping it goes well!

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