Thursday, January 2, 2014

A good start to 2014...

Happy New Year's, everyone!  It has been a little busy the past few months, and while I did get some painting done, very little was photographed.  I am in the process of remedying that, so in the meantime I will share a figure which I finished during December.  This miniature was painted for a miniature-exchange on the Warhammer Empire forum.  It is the Lead Adventure Miniatures 'Wilhelm von Shakespeare' figure from their Bruegelburg range.  A spectacular figure, there is really nothing to say other than that.  Brilliantly sculpted, a true joy to paint, and delightfully unique.  Luckily, I got two so I can paint one up for myself.  Mine will be painted in a very similar way, with a few colour switches here and there.  I gave him a nice little scenic base using a chunk of pine bark.

My recipient has safely received the miniature (unlike my recipient from last year), so I am pleased that he will have a nice home in the future.  One more parting shot from the pig!
Next up, a bunch of the long-anticipated and promised LAM halberdiers!

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