Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pleasantly Surprised!

So, for those wondering, I have been making progress on painting the unfinished progress on my desk.  I have photos to prove it, but won't be sharing them today.

Today is a bit more fun!  On one of the many forums (fora?) which I visit, in this case Warhammer-Empire, there is an annual miniature exchange.  In this activity you are assigned a forum member whom you will then stalk to find out their taste in miniatures.  You are supposed to choose something, paint it, and send it to the person (who will duly be 'surprised' when it arrives).

Today was the day for my surprise to arrive!  The user 'thorimm' had picked me, and he chose to paint not just one, but TEN battleforge halflings!  What a generous guy.  He also included some treats from Holland which I have been enjoying tonight.

On to the pictures!  Keep in mind, these were not painted by me for those who did not read anything written above this line.

I must say he did a smashing good job painting these guys.  In the past I have expressed reservations about Battleforge halflings (which thorimm expressed concern that I may not like the figures).  While I will continue to say that the sculpts are somewhat crude and the size differs dramatically throughout the range, with a good lick of paint they turn out quite fun and endearing!  Just the kind of thing I like.  I have seen some of these figures unpainted, and the paint really makes a difference in this case.

So, kudos to thorimm from the Netherlands!  These will fit in nicely with my Oldhammer stuff, and my boys had some great laughs unpacking the figures which were 'very funny guys'.

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