Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mordheim building!

Onto yet another diversion, I recently stumbled upon a wonderful resource for building terrain - specifically Mordheim, ruined terrain.  You can check it out here:  - I would suggest adding it as a bookmark.  Now, what caught my eye was how the author used porcelain Christmas buildings in his Mordheim stuff - link.  Tis being the season of such ornaments, I thought it was a splendid idea and proceeded to scour the online classifieds for a good source of gently used porcelain buildings.  After a successful search, I returned home with three suitable targets.  Here is the first test piece:

I think the witch hunter fits in wonderfully with the serene, winter wonderland portrayed by this cozy little dwelling, don't you?  Also, I think the scale works beautifully.

After admiring the piece, I assembled a few of my more delicate instruments:

 Donning the glasses (safety first, folks!) I went to town trying to make a convincing ruin.  The porcelain is quite tricky to work with, as it is quite hard and tends to break in large pieces.  I managed to end up with this piece here:

I think its a good start.  I had hoped I would be able to punch out the doors and windows, but that seems like an impossible task due to the properties of the porcelain.  The building you see is actually 2 pieces, as it cracked down the middle.  That will glue together fine, but it gives you an idea of how finicky it is to precisely smash porcelain.  I  may have a go with a dremel and a grinding wheel (outside where my mess will not get me in trouble, most likely) or I might just leave it as is.  The inside will need some decorating - a second floor, wooden planks and rubble, etc.  I might try and add the inside of the chimney using milliput or something similar.  I suppose the outside of the house will be painted minimally - likely just some brown and black washes and some drybrushing, then I will have to base it.  The building cost me $5, so I think for the investment it is looking quite swell so far!

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

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