Monday, December 17, 2012

Mordheim Building Part 3

Back to Mordheim, more progress has been made on the building.  Broken timbers have been added, a door and more windows were gouged out using both the dremel with a round diamond bur (and some water to cool and clean out debris) and pliers to chip away the broken pieces.  I have also started to add debris around the edges of the main floor.  This was done using a base of styrofoam (to act as a filler), with bits of wood and broken plaster glued on top.  I also spread some glue on the bits of smooth 'snow' on the building, and glued crushed plaster to that as well.  When painted, it should resemble dust/ash/debris nicely.

Lastly, I also completed the inside chimney and fireplace using some Hirst Arts blocks.  It looks nice, but unfortunately to follow the outline of the outside chimney, you have to block a couple windows.  Design flaw there, I guess.  At least I can say I did not make the building!  Enjoy the pictures, its starting to look a lot more Mordheim-esque.

A bit of a closeup here, you can see the fireplace, and how the chimney blocks the windows:

Funny, the building looks slanted here.  It's not actually slanted.  Must be the camera angle and/or the way the broken timbers were glued:

A nice view of the now-missing front door:

Note the blocked window:

Some cracks and detailing from the dremel:

Feel free to comment or add any suggestions!

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