Thursday, September 10, 2015

A table for Frostgrave

So Frostgrave is the new thing it seems.  For those unfamiliar, it has a big following over at the Lead Adventure Forum, even with its own section. It is a fantasy skirmish game, set in a magical, frozen ruin of a city,  Seems pretty self explanatory.  I played a game with a buddy a couple weeks back, and we both really liked it.  We played on a 3x3 table, but both thought it might be more fun on a cramped 2x2 board.  This got me to thinking about all the unused hirst arts pieces I had laying around...

After a bit of foam cutting and experimentation, I came up with this:

The pieces are not yet glued down... I am still torn as to whether I should keep the raised border around the cobbled street.  I am considering removing the bigger blocks to leave a sunken gutter rather than a raised curb around the street tiles.  Any suggestions?  I think I might need some more glue...

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