Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Avatar!

So, I decided that I finally needed to make myself an avatar.  Using my mediocre skills with my camera, picasa, and gimp, I managed to turn this photo of Dok Dentokk (an orc character whom I think represents me nicely):

Into this:

 The picture was resized, of course.  Now if I could just figure out how to make interesting text effects in Gimp, I could make it look more interesting.  But for now, it fits the bill methinks!

Also, in case you were wondering, The orc is a Gorkamorka Bad Doc which I converted by chopping off his pistol and replacing it with a crude pair of forceps.  Open wide!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

More Romano-British!

Well, I thought I would have updated you all more frequently, but distractions are to be expected in real life!  Was I very productive?  Perhaps not as much.  Did I accomplish anything?  You bet!

In Dux Britanniarum, your basic starting force for the Romano-British are one unit of 6 elite troops, two units of 6 warriors, and three units of 6 levy/peasant troops.  Add to that four ranged troops and four commanders, you get a total of 44 models in your starter army.  The Saxon starter army starts with three units of 6 warriors, 2 units of 6 elites, four ranged models and four commanders for a total of 38 models.  As of this blog post I have finished:

- 6 elites (my Comanipulares)
- 2 units of 6 warriors (my Milites)
- 10 levy troops (1 2/3 units), minus their spears.

What's that, you want proof?  Of course you do.

First up is the second group of Milites, all based and ready to go:

More of the same, but these ones were not a repaint but were started from scratch after stripping the old paintjobs.  I took some more photos of the leader and armoured guy.  Each will act as a commander for each unit of Milites (no in-game effect, just to stand there and look important!)

Next, I finished the basing and the shields for my Comanipulares:

Lastly, here are the levy so far - all is done save some of the spears:

These figures are primarily West Wind Arthurians.  West Wind Productions recently had a 30% off sale, of which I took full advantage.  I will write a detailed review of my thoughts about the models, and my experience with the company later.  Needless to say, I think they paint up well.  When compared to my Gripping Beast Milites, I find the West Wind to have a bit bulkier proportions (particularly legs and feet) but still rank up ok.  They have separate heads which provides for more variability (and also more fiddly assembly!)

How about some shots of the army in all its glory?  Sure thing!

So my total painted miniatures for this army is 28 (minus 7 spears) out of 44.  That leaves me with 16 Romano- British miniatures and 38 Saxons to paint in four weeks before my deadline... not likely gonna happen, but you really can't rush quality, am I right?