Friday, June 27, 2014

Ancients of Atalan Starter Finished

I finally got around to posting pictures of the last pieces from the Ancients starter set.  Here we have the mechano-crab and the robo-shark.  Or, if you wish to get all 'official' on me, the Chariniform Light Assault Mech Construct and the Exoform Salvage Mech Construct.

I am more satisfied with the results on the crab than the shark - I was more patient in my painting and used more translucent colours to get a nice blended colour from the legs up.  The idea in my head was that the metal alloy is quite reflective, so the colours we see are more a reflection of the surrounding colours (ground below, water above) than the actual colour of the mech.  I hope you enjoy them regardless.

Finally, a group with all of the 'Ancient' friends together:

Apart from the initial five figures for each faction, I will also be painting up a leader for each group.  I am going to finish the groups first though.  Any comments or suggestions welcome!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Airbrushing! With some unexpected delays...

It's been quiet on the blog front lately, mostly due to it being summertime.  One fancy addition to my hobby arsenal lately has been a new foray into airbrushing!

I recently purchased a Badger TC910 Aspire Pro compressor, and a Badger 105 Patriot airbrush to get me started.  Well, to my surprise, the adapter that came with the TC910 does not fit the Patriot air hose!  There is a separate adapter which does fit, but I cannot for the life of me remove the other adaptor from the air regulator.

Perhaps a photo will help?

The top photo shows the male end of the adapter which fits the airbrush hose.  The bottom picture shows the female end of the bespoke adaptor.  I though perhaps it would fit on the male end of the installed adapter, but it does not.  The adapter on the air regulator looks like it might even have some glue holding it in place as well.  I have tried several wrenches and ratchets to no avail.

Perhaps there are some airbrush gurus frequenting my blog who might have some advice??  I can't really show you any of my airbrush progress without getting the setup up and running!