Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some DeepWars Ancients

Recently I have returned to painting up my Deep Wars models.  Notably, I am signed up to demo a game at an upcoming convention in July, so I need to have all my starter sets ready to play by then!  I already have the Scaly Horde starter painted (previously) and have gotten some good progress started on the Ancients starter set.  I present the Assault soldier, Technologist, and the acolyte of the ethers:

Some closeup shots of the individual figures:

Assault soldier:
Acolyte of the Ethers:

I tried to follow the box art for the most part on these ones.  The dark gold scheme was pretty tricky, but I am pleased enough with the result to stop tinkering with it.  These are very nice sculpts, but they are quite slender and I find in places the details are not too deep, so you have to be careful and keep your painting neat to avoid losing the details - the most tricky part were the shoulder pads for the Assault soldier.

I hope you like them!