Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Still here! More Arthurians...

My, how the time flies!  Fall is my favourite season, mostly to spend outside.  As such, pursuits such as painting tend to be forgotten.  If you were wondering what has kept me from the painting table, perhaps this picture of my good friend will give you an idea?

Yep, it's hunting season!  But I won't bore you with the exciting details of my outdoor adventures.  You came here to see what I have painted.  Hopefully I will not disappoint!

I am pleased to say that my Arthurian levy troops are complete!  All that is left to paint for the Arthurian force are the 4 archers and the 4 command models. 

Here they are, all together:

And per unit:

Next, a closeup of the 3 figures which would act as leaders for each unit (even though there is no in-game representation):

Finally, to show that I have been up to other stuff, here is the whole Arthurian force to date with some 4ground scenery and a stand of trees I recently made:

Hope you like it!  I have gotten my Saxon army based (minus the command) so hopefully I can get a few painted up in November.