Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tabletop World Townhouse

A little bit more progress this past month. This beauty had been sitting mostly finished on the painting desk, and I found the time to finish it. Got a bit of motivation from our local gaming group who started a monthly painting challenge!

The photos are a bit overexposed, but I hope you like them anyway!

One day I hope to have a table full of these buildings painted up. I'll get there someday ;)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Tabletop World Cottage

Recently, Tabletop World held their online painting contest. A nice little event to get people to show painted examples of their product in exchange for a 20% off discount off their next order. Or, if you have time and ambition, to possibly win a prize. I chose the first reason to participate!

I started painting up the cottage and the townhouse, but only finished the cottage in time for the deadline (surprise, surprise). The townhouse is almost finished, but life seems to keep me busy enough that painting tends to come along rather slowly. I hope you enjoy the cottage though, these kits really paint themselves. Very well defined details that take really well to washes and drybrushing!

Now, I just have to finish the last of the drybrushing for that townhouse and post it up here...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

LPL 10 - Round 3 - Frozen City Fashion

As I try to motivate myself to post my pictures before 2016 ends... here was my third round entry! It was a nice mix of Wargames Foundry Renaissance orcs, combined with a GW Stone Troll with a sculpted Santa hat.

These were photographed on my Frostgrave board, and were probably some of my favourite figures from the whole contest!

Also, Merry Christmas (Orcmas?) everyone!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

LPL Round 2 - Some Scavvies

Finally got some time to post again! Here was my entry for round 2 of the LPL. I named it 'Rise of the Underhive'.  In this photo, I painted up some Necromunda Scavvies along with some Vor: The Maelstrom Neo Soviets (who look like they fit in well with the same theme). For this photoshoot I tried out some cardstock papercraft terrain and a photo backdrop (which I apparently was not supposed to do, but they let it slide).  I really liked painting up these models, but I do find the background a bit busy... takes away from the look of the models.

Anyway, enough rambling, here is the photo!

Hope you like it!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Anybody there? Well, yes, technically...

Man, time sure flies! For the casual reader of this blog, one might imagine that I have not done any hobbying this year.  Well, not quite. The past few months have seen sparse action, but the first few months of 2016 were so busy... I just did not get a chance to post!

Why?  Because I participated in my first Lead Painters League! For the uninformed among you, this is a fun painting competition held over on the Lead Adventure Forum which consists of 10 (this year was 11) rounds of painted miniatures.  Each round you must paint 5 new figures, photograph them, and then users get to vote on which ones they like the best. I am going to take a few entries to post up each of my 11 rounds in turn, and discuss some of my experiences.  It was a lot of work for me, what with the rest of my real-life commitments, but I genuinely feel I came out a better hobbyist at the end.

Without further ado, here was my first entry, entitled "Camp Life"

This being my first entry, I learned a couple things... I think my photo was a tad over-exposed, and my background was a little too busy.  It might have looked better against a white background, and using some foliage to mask the base edges may have made it look more natural.  It was fun to paint though. The figures are from the Pro Gloria range (now owned by Warlord Games). They have a delightful range of Landksnecht civilians and I was happy to paint up a few of them.

Next up, my round 2 entry...

Monday, December 28, 2015

Frostgrave Table Finished

So I had a bit of extra time over the Christmas holidays and managed to finish off the Frostgrave table that was sitting around, begging to be finished.  Since the last time I posted I moved one of the roads to make the board more nicely spaced, added the sand and some rubble to the gutters.  Finally, I applied paint!

The cobbles were painted dark grey up to white with drybrushing, and the show started as a medium grey and was painted up to white.  The gutters were first painted dark grey, then brown, then dark blue, light blue, and white.  They were given a gloss coat to simulate the shiny ice and water that fills them.

I hope you like the table, I am eager to try it out as a finished, rather that WIP, piece soon!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pleasant Surprise 2015

Once again this year I participated in the Pleasant Surprise exchange over on the Warhammer Empire forum.  Every year it seems harder for me to find the time to create a nice surprise with my growing list of adult responsibilities, but I managed to paint up a figure this year nonetheless.  My recipient received his figure this past week, so I figured it was a good enough time to post some photos here.

I chose one of my favourite Empire figures from the 90's - a hero with sword and pistol.  I remember seeing him painted up in the army book when I was a kid, and I always wanted one.  Well, as a grown-up collector, I have managed to find one and even had a spare who is now with his new owner.

My recipient did not have many posted pictures of an army, so I got creative and chose this bold purple and green scheme.  I was quite happy with the results.  Every year it is a bittersweet tradition... I tend to paint figures I wanted to paint for myself, only to send them away for someone else.  I guess it is better to give than to receive, is it not?

I hope my recipient likes this figure as much as I did, and that he finds a memorable place in his collection!