Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Foray into Necromunda!

Ok ok, I am still here.  Just got busy with the birth of my third child a couple months ago!  Everything is going well, thanks for asking.

Now, this is an interesting topic.  Necromunda, scifi... something I had sworn not to do (Gorkamorka doesn't count!)  I constantly looked at my crowded crawlspace and vowed not to get into a new genre of miniature collecting.  Then a friend of mine suggested we start a Necromunda campaign.

I've never actually played it.

Lots of folk say it's great.

What could I do?  It really is my friend's fault...

I started by saying I would do it cheaply, convert some plastics, keep it simple.  Oops...

Here we have seven glorious metal Cawdor gangers.  They were painted using mostly inks and washes with a few opaque highlights.  I did them a bit more quickly, so they are not my highest quality but I am happy with them.  For the bases, I used some pieces from a gorkamorka trukk, some drywall tape, sand, floral wire and some odd bits of plastic.  I think they look suitably gritty!

Here is a shot of the boss and a few of the other gangers, up close and personal:

Hmm, I just noticed that I didn't wash the leader's pendant.  I will do that soon.  I hope you like them, I have a few more that need painting.  Then there are scavvies and arbites... :P

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