Sunday, February 22, 2015

Goblins join the fray!

In my ongoing efforts to finish projects I have started, I have been plugging away at my Orcmas themed miniatures.  This past month, I finished a few goblins, which I finally got around to photographing this past week.

The goblins are Kev Adams sculpts, classic stuff from the 90's!  These guys have been sitting in my stash for a couple years now, so I was very happy to finally get some paint on them.

The jester goblin is actually from the currently discontinued Wargames Foundry line, while the rest are GW night goblins.  The double-based goblins are squig prodders.  I experimented a bit with the fleshtones on these, with some receiving a more green-yellow-brown shade, and the others using the Wargames Foundry Moss Green palette (Triad 29).  I find the Moss is great for goblins, but a bit too pale (IMO) for orcs.

Here are the little blighters with their Boss, Gobbo Clawz:

What I have left for this project: five foundry orcs (painted but not posted) and six more GW goblins (just waiting to be primed).  I hope you enjoy these little guys as much as I did, any feedback is appreciated.

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