Monday, August 25, 2014

Gorkamorka! (More distractions...)

Inspired by some of my local gaming buddies, I have started to put together a trukk to play a few games of Gorkamorka.  After getting interested in assembling a force, I went about collecting a bunch of things impulsively.  One thing that was noticed was the small size and somewhat uninteresting design of the classic Gorkamorka vehicles.  So, to that effect I decided to try my hand at some converting and kitbashing.

Now, this trukk is still very much a WIP, but it has the back end of a Gorkamorka trukk, the body of a plastic Ork Deffkopta as the cab, it will have the dozer blade from a tank as a ram and will have bits from the current plastic trukk along with some scratchbuilt stuff to make it interesting.  Hopefully you like it so far.  As with all of my projects, it may or may not be completed sometime in the near future.


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