Monday, July 14, 2014

Dark Mariners Warband - Award Winning!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.  The past couple weeks have been a blur of activity as I shifted my painting into overdrive to finish my starter sets.  This past weekend, I used said sets to GM a DeepWars demo at the 1st annual Hold The Line gaming convention in Toronto.  That was great fun (and will be expanded upon later).

First up, though, I wish to share my DeepWars Dark Mariners warband.  It is based from the deluxe starter set plus the captain model.  It took home first place in the wargames scale unit category of the golden  helmet painting competition!  It was my first competition ever, so it was very nice to win something.

Ok ok, on to the pictures...

These were a blast to paint.  I almost did not get to fully enjoy the experience due to my tight schedule.  Almost.  These were painted using a grey primer with a white zenith prime, followed by liberal applications of inks and washes.  Details were picked out and tidied up using opaque colours, but I tried to minimize that as the reason for using inks is to capture the natural highlights and shades from the whites and greys from the primer.

I did some of my other units with a black primer with white zenith prime, and I find the grey turns out better.  It is more forgiving if you miss a spot with the white, and the colours pop quite nicely IMO.  The models were finished off with a liberal brushed coating of vallejo matte varnish.

Some closeups:
Captain and Annihilator Biomech

Octopod and Vanguard Marine:

Scientist and Scavengers:

The Vanguard Marine is by far my favourite DM pose, possibly my favourite figure from the whole DeepWars line (well, the Dagathonan Brute is awesome too...).  I am quite happy with how the colours turned out, and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


  1. Congrats on the first place! That's some nice painting so it was well deserved. =)